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INSULADD – Frequently Asked Questions

I live in a southern climate, will Insuladd work for me?

Absolutely! Adding Insuladd insulating paint to the interior walls of your home will help stop heat loss to the outside and keep you comfortable in your home. Insuladd keeps heat in and cold out. Remember that heat travels to cold. The heat inside your home wants to escape toward the cold outside air. Insuladd prevents heat from escaping your home!

What kind of paint should I use?

Insuladd is an insulating paint additive. It's a powder that can be mixed with all interior and exterior paint. Adding Insuladd is the best thing you can do to increase the insulating value for any brand of paint. Insuladd makes all paint brands become part of the insulation system for your home.

How many coats of paint should I apply?

For best results, only 2 coats of paint with Insuladd in each coat is recommended. Insuladd is such an excellent insulating barrier, anything more than 2 coats only gives a marginal increase in performance.

Should I use Insuladd both inside and outside?

Yes! For the optimum in energy efficiency it is best to use Insuladd both inside and out. However, either application alone will give you increased energy efficiency which in turn drives down utility bills!

Can I paint over Insuladd at a later date?

Yes! However, you may want to leave Insuladd radiant barrier exposed as long as possible because painting over it will bring a slight decrease in performance.

How much Insuladd do I need?

Add 1 kilo of Insuladd to 10 litres of paint. Coverage rate is 6-8 metres depending on surface area – i.e. corrugated iron, trim deck, tiles, etc. A two coat application is recommended.

Can Insuladd be sprayed?

Yes! But since Insuladd is a powder additive, you simply remove all filters from your spraying equipment or the insulating additive will be strained. It's also best to use a larger than normal spray tip to allow as much Insuladd to be applied to surfaces and provide more insulation to your home.

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